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For Scaffolding Supplies in South Cariboo, Call Performance Rentals

For scaffolding supplies in South Cariboo, Performance Rentals has got you covered. We carry many different types of scaffold to help you get the job done safely. Having proper scaffolding to help elevate and support you while you’re repairing or working is essential to help prevent serious injuries. There are many different components to scaffolding that work together to ensure that the structure is stable and strong enough to support your weight. Browse our list of scaffolds below, or feel free to give us a call if you have any questions.

Ladder rods
  • Scaffold - 10' Cross Brace
  • Scaffold – Brace 7X4 
  • Scaffold – Brace 7X2 
  • Scaffold – Caster Jack
  • Scaffold – Frame 5'X3' 
  • Scaffold – Frame 5'X5' 
  • Scaffold – Guard Rail 7' 
  • Scaffold – Guard Rail Post
  • Scaffold - Guard Rail 5' 
  • Scaffold – Outrigger
  • Scaffold – Pins 
  • Scaffold – Plank 10'
  • Scaffold – Plank 7'
  • Scaffold – Wheels 
  • Scaffold – Feet
  • Screw Jacks

The Right Tools at the Right Prices

Our extensive list of equipment is available for daily, weekly, or monthly rentals

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